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Hello, this small kinetic visual novel (WIP) made for the TransGalJam2 is about struggling to tell your family and friends how you feel about who you are. Instead of focusing on the stuff after coming out and telling the people around you that you're trans, I focused on the first steps, on those that some people (me included) dealt with when they realized and didn't know what to do or who to tell.

The story is pretty light, it's made as a starting point and it's made for explanatory purposes more than anything else.

It's not much since it's the first game I do for a jam by myself and I'd really appreciate some feedback. Maybe my writing sucks, but if you could tell me where or why would help me greatly. For now it's just a linear story, but I hope to have a small branching story with a few endings in a nearby future.

Don't even consider telling me the art sucks because I'm perfectly aware and all of those are placeholders I did to have something to work with while I worked on the story. I'll keep working on it after the jam ends and I'll probably have better art in the future. The game also doesn't have any music. It'll probably have in the future as well.

Thanks for reading this and playing this little story of mine.


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This game is really sweet and uplifting. I think it's important to know just how many people will support you if they're truly your friends, and how you're not ever alone in your struggles, that you can always count on someone.

Thank you for playing this little story of mine. I'm glad that you enjoyed it even though it's still not finished.