Mint and the Secret of the Bunnoys is a story about a peddler girl doing alchemy for a living. She has a problem on one of her travels and ends up finding an exotic place that's only meant for children tales and fables. She's excited about the discovery and will try to learn as much as she can while she gets to know new people and maybe, just maybe, find romance.

This is the second "game" I work on (The first one being a kinetic Visual Novel called Is it wrong to be me?), so apologies as it may not be what you're expecting. I'll appreciate any feedback you write on the comments below!

Warning: This story is under development and will probably have many typos, missing information and maybe bugs (hopefully nothing is broken) as I kinda rushed the first day of the story for the Jam's deadline. It was written and developed during the Yuri Game Jam 2018 and it'll be continued after it.

Since the story is still under development and in quite the early stages, it won't have multiple endings nor much romance going on for the time being.

Story: Sthelen aka BunSE

Itch Cover Art Assets: Izzy Kuro Neko

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